Friday, August 21, 2009

Top 15 Hacks and Widgets For Blogger

With the help of Javascript we can expand the features of Blogger , if there were enough developers for Blogger , there would be nothing different between Blogger and Wordpress . Anyway today i compiled the hacks and widgets which adds Blogger functionality to share with you.

Before adding a code to your Blogger template please save a back-up file of your template and before saving template , preview it otherwise your template may be messed up thats why i want you guys to be careful while adding these hack and widget codes.

Here the list of most useful and needed 15 Blogger widgets and hacks , created by various Blogger users.

  1. Expandable Posts Hack : This hack gives you the chance of summarizing posts in main page. I do advise it because it makes your Blogger more professional and increases your pageviews.
  2. Display Random Post Hack : This hack was created inspiring from Google’s Feeling Lucky button , when a visitor of you clicks it ,it shows a random post from your blog. I think this hack will be more effective for video and photo blogs than other blogs.
  3. Expand / Collapse Labels Hack : If you have kilometers of long labels which are listed on your sidebar this hack is for you.With the help of this hack your visitors will be able to show and hide your labels.
  4. Label Cloud Widget : This is a cool widget created by Phydeaux , it works like Wordpress’s label cloud widget , shows labels which have a lot of posts under it with a big puntos and less posts with small puntos.
  5. Blogger Archieve Calendar : This another widget by Phydeaux and it works like Wordpress’ calendar . Check Phydeaux’s blog for details.
  6. Blogumus Label Cloud : This is a great Flash animated label cloud by BloggerBuster ,its really quite stylish and professioanl looking.
  7. Popular Posts Widget : Another widget by BloggerBuster , it shows popular posts depending on comment counts.Its easy to add this widget to your Blogger, just check BloggerBuster for further details.
  8. Top Commenters Widget : This is the third widget by BloggerBuster , Amanda really works hard for Blogger community , this widget shows top commentators in your sidebar.
  9. Recent Posts and Recent Comments Widget : This is a widget developed by me , you can easily show more than 5 recent posts or recent comments in your sidebar without slowing down your page load.
  10. Showing Ads In The Mid of Posts : This is a really great hack that shows your ads in the middle of your posts , you can easily increase click through rates with this hack.
  11. Adsense Revenue Sharing Hack : With this hack you will be able to show each writers ads in the articles she/he posted.
  12. Page Navigation Hack : This is a hack by Rias , you can add Page Navigation bar at the bottom of your blog posts.
  13. Blogger Title Hack : This hack was created for a better Search Engine Optimization , and it really works , if you use it immediatly you will realize the benefits of it.
  14. Adding More “Recents” Hack : With this hack you will be able to show recent posts from specific labels .
  15. Drag Drop Sidebars Hack : You can let yours visitors to determine the place of your sidebar widgets using this hack , i cannot say that its useful but looks fine.

Thats all i got , if you have more you can share here . Enjoy it.

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