Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mainam Theme Blogger Template

Today i am going to release a new conversion i made from wordpress theme,and i am sure you are going to like this also for sure.As my last conversion was the Latest Blogger Template and i got a very good responses from that conversion from my readers and other bloggers.If you haven't checked that template you can check on my last conversion The Latest Theme Blogger Template.

Now the template i am going to release today is three column and is very clean layout and the theme name is mainam as title is saying Mainam Theme Blogger Template.

Snapshot Of The Mainam Template

Hacks Installed In This Template

Features Of The Template

  • Fixed Width Template

  • Three Column Blogger Template

  • Right Sidebar

  • Add Ready Widgets

  • Top Menu Ready As Linklist

  • Compatible With Mozilla, Chrome and IE7

Layout Of Mainam Blogger Template

After uploading this template you would get the layout look like this in your blog.

I request you to Please Back Up your blogger template and all blogger widgets to your desktop or just copy paste all sidebar widgets codes to notepad and save to your desktop for further use in new template.

When you will Download This Template you will get an installation guide downloaded with template but i would like to tell little bit about installation here too.

Mainam Template installation

1) Header Image:-Just upload your header image from header widget inside the blogger layout.That is widget at top left of page elements,by hitting Edit Button.If you don’t wanna use image,you can use text also.

2) Advertisement Widget :- Just add the adsense banner or any banner add of size 468 cross 60 in the widget that is at the top right of blogger layout.

3) Menu Links:-To add the menu links.As would see I have made two menus.
One is at the to and second below header.

Just you will see Two Linklist In Blogger Layout,Just add your menu links from there,as like you add your bloggroll in sidebar.

4) 125 x 125 ads:-To edit the sidebar adds,Go to Layout > Edit HTML and find for this code in template

Below this code you will find links like these below:-

<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><img alt="" src="" /></a>
<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><img alt="" src="" /></a>

Just keep on changing the red links with the banner url and pink links with the blog url.

5) Adding Widget To Sidebar:-As you can see i have made two sidebars.One is small and one is big.
Just to make some widget work perfectly in big sidebar at the righmost of template,just keep below codes in mind.

Whenever you write any text in sidebar just apply this class to them like below and then add text to widget.

<div class="text">
<!------- Write your text here ------->

If you are addding any other widget codes from other sources and its not properly aligned in it,you can use this class for it too.

<div class="text">
<!------- Your Widget Codes ------->

6) Read More Hack With Thumbnail:-As read more hack with thumbnail is installed.And it display image of size i assigned on homepage.
If you want to change it or remove it or any alterations in it,you can read and modify it from here.

7) Change Backgrounds:-Just Go to Layout > Edit Html and find this url
This is the background image to template.If you wanna change to other backgound,just select from the images from backgrounds folder
which you have got after downloading this template.Just selct the background you liked and upload it to your server or
Just take the url to backgrund and replace with the one you find in red above,and you will get change your background.

Donate If You Like The Work

If You Really liked my work and want encourage me to convert more Proffessional wordpress themes to blogger templates for Free, Then please help us by donating something you feel for this design by using paypal button in my sidebar.
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