Friday, August 14, 2009

Importance of back links and link building

Everyone must be knowing very well about importance of link back as well as link building. Link back and anchor text has very close and important relation. Back links with anchor text can make or break an website or a blog. Good and natural link backs to your site can increase your search engine result page (SERP) dramatically while bad link back can almost eliminate a site from SERP!

The most useful back link is some natural link in articles, blog posts by other important websites. It is so important that many websites, blogs earn money for giving out such back links. But, mostly, search engines can find that out and in due course of time they may ban the site. With anchor text, search engines try to estimate the content of the site or blog.

Link building can help bring visitor to your blog. I have been using the following tips to build links myself :-

1. Link out from my own blog to other related and important blogs.
2. Submit in article directories as well as choose most matching category in it.
3. Leave useful comment without spamming.
4. Write press release and submit in free press release sites.
5. Social Networking Site profiles.
6. Social media submissions, submit articles in sites like digg, stumbleupon, technoratti, diaggo etc.
7. Submit in twitter.
8. Offer freebies in your site.
9. Offer Free wordpress themes.
10. Be active in popular forums.

There are many other tips which can be used to create useful back links. Always be careful to avoid back link from unrelated or useless blogs or sites. I have seen Google punishing for bad neighborhood or linkback from unrelated sites as well as sudden increase of suspicious backlinks. Useful and good neighborhood is a sure way of increasing and retaining visitors and earn online.

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