Friday, August 14, 2009

Google AdSense in middle of a post ?

Many people put Google AdSense in middle of a post and find that it increases their Google AdSense earnings as CTR ( Click Through Rate) increases. While it may be true, but I always think it is not a good idea to put Google AdSense advertisement inside a blog post. After all, one should not write an article with sole aim of increasing CTR or earn online more and more.

Here are the reasons why I think I should not put Google AdSense inside a blog post:-
1. While reading an interesting article of a blog post, if I suddenly see some irrelevant images or links, it not only distracts but also irritates me. I feel like, I am being sweet talked to make some clicks on these advertisements!

2. How many of you like when a feature film is paused and some freak advertisement appear while the plot of the film just reach the climax ? Well, at least I do not like that advertisement and swear that I will not buy that product! I even change the channel for some time so that I may avoid watching those advertisements! The same thing may happen to our interesting blog post too!

3. Though Google is very smart, but it may not always display relevant advertisements as per the blog post topic. Those irrelevant advertisements may confuse the reader.

So, I would rather recommend people to put Google AdSense advertisements on start of the article and at the end of it. If an article is paginated, than Google AdSense may be put at the end of every pages too.

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