Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Top Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog

What do you mean by being successful as a blogger?

In order to get success with blogs, producing good content on them is definitely the most important factor. Whilst getting your content to reach to the masses is another area of concern. To generate good revenue from either of the practices you get yourself involved into viz. Adsense, Affiliates, Ads, etc., you need to have a decent amount of traffic. Higher the traffic, better is the probability of striking gold! That’s the simple math every blogger who blogs for money is invariably aware of.

How to get that traffic juice into your blog?

When it comes to getting traffic for a blog, we have a lot of ways to help ourselves with. These include SEO, reciprocal link-backs, etc. One great way to draw traffic is to submit your blog to the world’s leading blog directories which look for submission. All you need to do it log on to the blog directory websites, register for an account(depending on the blog directory, if it needs you to), fill in the details about your blog and submit it! This would allow your blog to be classified on the directory. Doing this with a lot of directories is definitely an added advantage. Most of such services are free! Isn’t it a great way to evangelize your blog across the globe?

It’s time now for some action:

Based on my experience and research, I would like to share with you a list of top blog directories apart from Yahoo! and Google submissions, where you can get your blogs listed, for free!


9rules network – One of the best network of blogs which focuses on selection of quality content in order to get listed. A lot of top rated blogs are listed with the 9rules network. They’re know to put the best content from the independent web on their charts! They have an interesting set of 9 rules, and hence the name!


Technorati – This name needs no introduction. Techhnorati indexes the web within minutes of posting an article on a blog. This provides its users up-to-date information regarding the topics & authors one wishes to know about. They also have a featured list of top 100 blogs which have been exceptionally good with what they aim at.


Weblogs – It is a VeriSign service and a ping server which automatically notifies its subscribers whenever there is some new contenton the registered blog. receives millions of pings every day from blogs that configure their publishing software, like wordpressto notify the very moment content is published on them.

blo-gs – This is a Yahoo! acquired directory of weblogs and tools for tracking interesting and of course your favorite webloglets on which you keep an eye on. The best part of this service is that you can keep a track of your lists through the web and email, both. It also allows you to put a list on your blog/website as a blogroll which shall list whatever is new on the blog-o-sphere!


Blogarama – It is yet another free blog directory with more than 93000 listings. Apart from the free traffic that results from this service, Bograma also does paid advertisements for your blog, if and when needed. A good service to dirty your hands with. Try it out!


Bloggernity – It is a blogger search directory classified on a range of topics for easy access. Bloggernity is a bloggers’ hangout. One can search the directory from a neat search bar to get latest on entertainment, news, humor, political issues, etc. The list is updated almost daily.


BlogHop – This service helps match the blogs to readers. It has a concept of tagsurfing which allows a user to surf the blogs matching his/her interest and can lead to a good blog to read. Being a blogger, you may add your blog with an elaborated description of the same.

bloghub – This is a directory listing and community website where members can gather and exchange ideas. A user can also look out for exciting blog templates, skins, etc. One can also create a blog of his own or be a part of the discussions at the Blogger forum.


GetBlogs – This blog directory is a comprehensive ‘human edited’ directory of more than 11,000 weblogs from across the world, categorized in more than 190 different categories for easy surfing and addition of blogs. You can submit your blog or search for more based on your interest. All for free!


NYC Bloggers – If you’re targetting the US audience, this is a must signup for you! Out of more than one million weblogs in the NY city, you get to find a lot of them here. Good service to get listed with, for bloggers targeting US based audience.

Feel free to add more to this list as a follow up via the comments section. Happy blogging!

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