Saturday, August 22, 2009

Recent Posts with Thumbnails for Blogger - And lots more

Recent Posts with thumbnails for blogger

Update: This gadget is now one of the 7 featured gadgets on the official blogger gadget directory(The Add Gadget > Featured Page)

Recent Posts widget For Blogger [With thumbnails and lots more].
This is the first widget of it kind. Actually i made this for the new blogger gadget directory.

Gadget Demo

Recent Posts Widget with thumbnails for blogger

What is special about this gadget?
1) Like many other recent posts widgets this one also displays your recent posts with summaries comment numbers etc..but yea with a greater degree of customization

2) Image thumnails - Many of you might not have heard of MediaThumbnails. When you add some image to blogger,blogger automatically generates a thumbnail image of a small size 75 x 75. You wont see this small image anywhere but we are using this small sized images for post thumbnails.As i said this is somthing unique.All the recent post widgets till now(till the time i made this post lolz..) uses the original big images and scales them down using css.This means that your computer will have to fetch all of those big images.But with this widget we are fetching the media thumbnails.The media thumbnails as i said are of small resolution and hence very less size(somehere between 1kb-10kb)
The advantage of using media thumbnail is that out widget will load much much much faster than the other ones available till now.

3)You can display the recent posts of any blogger blog on your sidebar using this widget(display is not limited to your blogposts alone)

4)Highly customizable. (you can understand that when you actually install it.. :)

5)This is all that i have to say about the widget.. You can checkout more of its features by intsalling it onto your blog..Actually i now feel that it has too many options.. ;)

How to Install this new Advanced Recent Posts Gadget ?

Method 1 Gadget Using the new Gadget API

Select the options that you want(The gadget preview may be a little buggy.. some probs on the API i guess..)

Method 2 If you are used to my normal widget installers,then you can use this button fill in the options and there you go.. :)[This will fix the font issues or anything like that which may occur in the gadget]

Add Recent Posts Widget

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