Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Orkut Profile widget for blogs (blogger and others)

Orkut is nowadays becoming more and more popular.So i thought of making up a new orkut profile badge widget for blogger(actually it can be used on any web page). To do this just login to your orkut account and get the following details 1)Your Profile pic Url This can be done by right clicking your profile pic and choosing copy image location 2)Your Profile Url 3)Your Scrapbook Url 4)Your Send message Url 5)Your Write Testimonial Url 6)Your Send Teaser Url Use these details in the widget creator(below) and get the widget added to your blog

Your reviews will be most welcome..If you need anything added please leave a comment here. Preview(Note:-I havent used proper links in the preview.) Note: If you are reading this in a Feed Reader the widget installer wont be displayed.So visit the actual article on the site to install the widget.
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Anonymous said...

Awsome !!!! Thanks Dan

Im sure many would like to have this widget on their website

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