Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Make USD$50.00 per day: Pay Per Click (CPC), Pay Per Post and Pay Per 1000 Impression (CPM)

A lot of site offering Pay Per Click services for Bloggers and webmasters and one of the most popular Publisher program that all people know is Google AdSense. Besides Google AdSense, there are plenty of other good publishers programs that pay you when people click on the Cost-per-Click (CPC) ads that shows on your blog.

Some other sites such as Pay Per Post, ReviewMe, SponsoredReviews and so on are providing a different way of publishers program for Bloggers as well as webmasters. They offer Bloggers and webmaster to write review and posts and pay money for those reviews and posts.

Pay Per 1000 Impressions (CPM ads) is also offered by some site such as Tribal Fusion, ValueClick Media and so on. They are offering blogs and websites to show their ads for 1000 impressions and then they pay Bloggers and webmasters the price stated by Bloggers and webmaster.

The Big Question is: Pay Per Click (CPC), Pay Per Post and Pay Per 1000 Impression (CPM) Which One is Suitable for Your Blog/Site?

For Pay Per Click ads, you get paid for each clicks done on the ads such as AdSense Ads.
Advantages: Simple implementation and easy to use. Copy and paste the code and make money.
Disadvantages: You never know the exact amount you get paid per click done on the ads.
Example of such service: Google AdSense, AdBrite, Kontera, Bidvertisers and so on.

For Paid to Post service, Bloggers and webmasters can get paid to posts and earn lucrative income for a single post.
Advantages: Earning of one post is usually USD$5.00.
Disadvantages: You blogs need to meet certain qualifications to get tasks to write.
Examples of such service: Pay Per Post, SponsoredReview, LinkPost of LinkWorth, Smorty and so on.

For Pay Per 1000 Impressions, you get paid certain amount of money set by you when 1000 impressions are generated on the ads.
Advantages: You can set the price for 1000 impressions.
For example:
You set USD$5.00 for 1000 impressions. You will get paid USD$5.00 when the ads reach 1000 impressions and when it reaches another 1000 impressions, you get paid USD$5.00 again.
Disadvantages: You need a lot of traffic to generate 1000 impressions.
Examples of such services: Tribal Fusion, ValuClick Media and so on.

Personally, I'm currently tend to like Paid Post services more than any other services. If you are using Pay Per Click publishers programs, then you need a lot of traffic, time and clicks to make money.

But for Paid Post services, I write a post and I make the minimum payment of USD$5.00 easily. If I'm joining several Paid Post services, for example 5 services and each service give me 1 post per day of each USD$5.00.

How many clicks do you need to get USD$5.00?

I'm Making USD$25.00 per day
Just By Completing Paid Posts.

Some of the PaidPost services give more than 1 posts per day and I'm making more than USD$25.00 per day.

So, if you are having trouble to get Clicks on Ads using Pay Per Click ads on you blogs/sites, go for PaidPost services. You will not be banned by PaidPost services, the only way they ban you is not giving you any task.

Don't Put All Your Efforts
On Single CPC, PPP and CPM ads
They Are not Working The Way You Wish They Are!!!!

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