Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Definitive List of 30+ Popular Social Bookmarking Sites

Pulling traffic to your blog is getting innovative, fun and interesting. Since the introduction of bookmarking sites, the old paradigm of pulling traffic through search engines and back links has gone on the back burner and the new norm is, social media interaction techniques. I have compiled the most popular bookmarking and social media interaction sites, which can help your blog expand its reach with minimum efforts.

StumbleUpon - It is the most popular bookmarking site among bloggers. StumbleUpon uses innovative approach of discovering and rating the web sites, and sharing them among peers with similar interests.

Twitter - Possibly the second best social networking and micro-blogging site. You can easily share your blog content over E-Mail,SMS and instant messaging using Twitter services, and it propagates rapidly among users who have signed up to receive your content.

Digg - Another popular bookmarking site, which integrates bookmarking, blogging and feed syndication under one roof. - One of the popular social bookmarking site, which allows users to tag the web pages with keywords.

Reddit - A social news web site, where users can post links to their content. Users can also vote and comment on the bookmarked links.

Sphinn - You can search news, take part in discussion forums, and search for relevant web content. A hub for Internet marketing professionals.

Furl - A very popular bookmarking site, which gives you 5GB of space to store your bookmarks with full copies of web pages.

Technorati - It is search engine for blogs. You can find millions of blogs in the Technorati index on diverse topics. You can easily sign up and can get your blog listed in one of the most rich blog index on web.

Mixx - Submit your favorite links, news, videos and much more on this excellent web content tagging site.

Spurl - An easy to use, effective bookmarking site that keeps tracks of all your bookmarks. You can export and import your bookmarks to and from various file formats.

Diigo - It not only allows you to bookmark and tag web pages, but a unique feature to add sticky notes to specifically highlighted part or whole of the web page.

Fark - Excellent option to submit your links, which are commented and voted by the fark community and get listed on the home page of the site.

BlinkList - Submit 'Blink' your favorite web content and share them with people. You have the option to keep it private or share publicly.

Slashdot - Basically a technology related new website, where you can post and comment the technology related web content.

Propeller - Another good site for submitting your favorite web pages and commenting yours as well as on other's submitted web content.

Google Bookmarks - As the name implies, good bookmarking tool from the web search giant Google.

Plugim - It is a very popular internet marketing community, where people shares articles, projects and of course web pages.

Jumptags - Very intuitive, neat and clean interface. You can easily bookmark your web links, videos, notes, RSS feeds, contacts or just about anything on web.

Linkagogo - Yet another bookmarking site. You can easily organize, share, import and export your bookmarks from anywhere.

Oyax - A social bookmark manger. You can easily add your web links and share it with Oyax community. Oyax is an initiative of 'Linux Exchange Community'.

Tagza - Very interesting social bookmarking site. Comments and voting, on submitted web content is handled in very unique way, and is listed according to accumulated comments and votes.

Backflip - Tag and store your favorite web pages on this popular 'backflipping' site. You can share your bookmarks easily with the community, and can import it easily from the central server.

Newsvine - Submit your stories on diverse topics and share it with the community. Interface is extremely good.

Bibsonomy - Community driven social bookmarking and publication sharing system. Store and tag your bookmarks with keywords on the server, and share it with peers.

Swik - Another community driven resource for people who use open source software. Submit and share news, articles and other cool stuffs from open source arena.

MyLinkVault - Easily manage your favorite links with this excellent bookmarking service. Tag, organize and share your links with extremely easy and pretty interface.

Folkd - Yet another community driven social bookmarking service. Post, share, tag, comment and vote for your favorite web content.

Faves - Rich index of web sites submitted by faves community and is growing day by day. Discover and share new web sites with this excellent tagging and bookmarking service.

Indianpad - A social bookmarking and blogging site. Users can comment and vote on the submitted content.

Danogo - One of my favorites. Here not only you can bookmark and share, but also blog, place your ads, play online games, and ask questions and shop.

HealthRanker - As the name suggests, a place to submit and share medical and health related web content.

Ka-Boom-It - Another social bookmarking site, where you can submit your stories, articles, blogs, sites and share it with Ka-Boomers.

Bookmark Tracker - It does what it says. Neat and clean interface with no annoying ads. It is an excellent, easy-to-use web service that allows you to safely store and organize your bookmarks online and securely access them from anywhere on the Internet.

Fetch - A popular service for posting and sharing small business related web sites of diverse streams. Mostly popular with entrepreneurs having small businesses and presence on web.

Wirefan - A rich, community driven social bookmarking site. Neat interface with loads of features.

myVmarks - A simple and elegant bookmarking service.

Mister-wong - Available in six different languages, Mister-Wong is on of the popular bookmarking site.

Connotea - This site is dedicated to post and share web content for researchers, clinicians and scientists.
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