Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blog for Money by Revenue Sharing

I came across a very interesting site called It is a site giving free blogging service to everyone PLUS revenue sharing or in other word, profit sharing. This is quite a new idea - giving free blogging services and bloggers can make money by revenue sharing - indeed a great idea and great ways for mutual benefits.

What is Revenue Sharing?
Revenue Sharing means that the is offering us to start a blog on their site and we get a share of the revenue generated on the site. In another word, it means profit sharing.

The revenue sharing of is 50/50. This means that all bloggers will share 50% of the total earnings of

If is generating $5000.00 per month, then 50% of the earnings will be given to Bloggers. We will earn some percentage of income from the $2500.00 per month.

How is paying Bloggers?
They pay according to the popularity of your blog. This means that the more popular your blog, the more money you are going to generate.

All I can say is that is a pure Helping Bloggers Blog for Money site. It is a great idea but nothing is perfect because there are good and bad. We should not only look at the positive side, we must look at the negative side too.

Lets Look at the Pros:

  • Just concentrate to write your blog in without worriying about the advertisements placement. this is because will help you place the advertisements at the best place on your blog.

  • You can get visitors quite easily because is a large online community with a lot of active Bloggers. So, if your blog is good, you will get visitors.

Lets Look at the Cons:

  • Normally, we would not know EXACTLY how much the site is making per month. So, the revenue sharing might not be 50/50.

  • Is the site really making money or it is not making much money every month? So, what will happen to our income?

From the Pros and Cons, you can see that the site is having a great idea of Bloggers write blogs, earn money for popularity of blogs. For the part of revenue sharing, we are not sure how much money willthe site make and how much will the bloggers receive every month. What about those not so popular blogs? Will they make money?

So, these are some questions that we need to think about and you need to think about if you want to join. Anyway, joining and using is Free. So, it is not a bad idea to try out your luck. Who knows, maybe you will become a famous bloggers in the site and make a lot of revenue from it.

So far, I feel that is a great site for beginners Bloggers who want to make money from their blog. It is a good place to get started and make money online. About all those questions, I leave to your wisdom to think about it.
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