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WordPress Review Site Plugin And Themes

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WP Review Site is a plugin and theme package developed by Dan Grossman that adds Amazon-style user ratings to the WordPress blogging software. Using the plugin and themes, you can convert your WordPress blog into a powerful product review blog and easily make money from affiliate programs, CPA offers and more.

What I love about WP Review Site:

  1. Detailed Reviews – You can specify the criteria for your review, so your users can rate each criteria instead of just giving it a general rating. For example you can allow users to rate by Quality, Performance, Customer Support, Design, or any other criteria that is specific to different type of products.
  2. Automatic Ranking Front Page – Yes, the front page will automatically display products according to ranking, not the date / time it was written. According to the website, they use an advanced “weighted average” formula to calculate the highest rated products.
  3. Assign to Category – You can choose to assign the rating bars and rating displays only to a certain category. This is useful if you only want to use the review function on a category called “Review” or something similar
  4. Plug-n-Play – It comes with two simple but adequate WordPress themes that already have all the required code built in. All you need to do is activate the plugin, set your rating requirements, and you’re ready to go.

Here’s how the comments / review section looks like once you’ve activated the plugin:


Here are examples of the two WordPress themes included in WP Review Site; one plain white theme and another black “web 2.0” type of theme. Both display rating differently but you can easily edit that if you know what you’re doing.

screenshot screenshot

To make the best out of the WP Review Site system, this is what you need to do:

  1. Do your keyword research first to find niches where people are looking for product reviews
  2. See if there are good affiliate programs you can join in that niche, as this blog will rely mostly on affiliate marketing
  3. Register a new domain name and hosting account specially for this site
  4. Install the WP Review Site plugin and included themes
  5. Get a list of the 20-40 most popular products in that niche, write a short post about each explaining the features of the product – remember that you should not write a review as that’s the job of your readers!
  6. If you find writing too hard, you can use Instant Article Wizard to crank out some decent 200-word articles easily.
  7. Then submit your blog to 3 Way Links for automatic link building – this will get the search engines to index your site.
  8. Submit an article or two using Article Marketing Automation and other good article distribution services
  9. Submit your new blog to a few related web directories – find good ones that seem active, ignore the spammy ones
  10. Leave some related comments (not spam) on other people’s blogs – this will get you some traffic and attention as well
  11. Consider getting some PPC traffic to your blog – bid on related keywords, product names (beware trademarks) and long tail keywords
  12. Do all the above and you should have a highly profitable product review blog

Understand though that you will not be writing the regular “blogging” type of content on these type of review site. Yes you can add related articles for more search engine traffic, but generally speaking once the initial 20-40 posts are done there’s not much you need to add to the content. Just focus on getting traffic.

Get the system here: WP Review Site plugin and WordPress themes

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