Saturday, August 8, 2009

Upload and Create Background Images For Your Blog

Whether it's a blog, website or a profile page, if it's a web page and it's online, then background image is a must for the page. And searching for background patterns is definitely not easy, first you have to find images matching the foreground colors and then you have to check for the image's copyrights. And trying to create your own background images using (Adobe)Photoshop or any other tool is definitely boring and takes a lot of time.
So here's a great tool where you have to simply upload any image (use any image captured on your own digital camera or mobile-camera) and drag a small window over the image and voila! your pattern is ready, like this:

The small scenery shown with a red border at the bottom of the image is what I uploaded, and further the red square inside that small image is the area selected and finally the red arrows show the pattern that is formed by that small selected area.

Give this tool a try and create beautiful background images yourself within minutes:

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