Friday, August 14, 2009

Simple tips to get Google AdSense application accepted

Have your application for Google AdSense program been rejected by Google the Almighty ? Most probably, you have not read this post about getting simple tips Google AdSense application approved! Well, before I begin my list to do for getting Google AdSense approved, please be informed that, if you have been banned from Google AdSense, please do not read further. I follow Google

Google AdSense

Google AdSense

AdSense terms and conditions in letters and in spirit! I expect everyone one to do that with Google and the very fact that you been banned, means you have violated their TOS!

It is actually easy to get Google AdSense approved if you meet few simple conditions. Here is how I suggest one to go about applying for AdSense in simple, easy to follow step by step instruction :-

1. If you do not have Google Account or Gmail account, it is time t have one. Ask your friend who already has Gmail account, to invite you. You may also join ORKUT and then get a Google Account!

2. Once you have a Google Account, you can start your own blog using your own domain. How to book your domain and start a website or a blog is totally different topic. :) I hope you know them by now or you may want to start a blog in, another Google Service. But my suggestion would be to use your own domain and book hosting space and then use WordPress blogging script.

3. Once you have your blog ready, start writing in your own language blog posts. Update regularly for next 30 days.

4. Once you have 30 posts, all original contents, you are ready to apply for Google AdSense. Google will never refuse you unless you try to apply with previously banned Google Account ID.

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