Saturday, August 8, 2009

Make Money By Blogging - Simply Blog To Earn Money

Starting a blog is easy, adding content to the blog is also easy, placing ads is again easy and finally with all the social networking sites (like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Twitter etc.) bringing some traffic to the blog is easy too. So where's the difficulty in making money? Why are you not getting paid for each and every visitor your blog receives? The reason is, every visitor who visits your blog does not click on your ads, and even if you are able to get clicks from each and every visitor, a 100% CTR wouldn't get digested by your advertiser, and you'll definitely get your account banned.
So how can you monetize each and every visitor-count that your blog gets? You would have heard it a hundred times that you should blog with a focused topic and that you cannot start monetizing immediately after starting a blog. So let's prove these things wrong.

The above problems arise when you start your own blog. In that case you need to have a focused topic to attract some regular readers, then you should add adverts to your blog, then you build some more traffic and finally you see bucks adding up in your account. But remember? we are searching the short-cut...

So the easier way is to start blogging on an already established blog/web-site. The benefit of blogging on this pre-established blog is that, as the blog is already famous and contains a lot of content added by other bloggers, so indexing of this blog by search engines has already been optimized and getting more traffic to your article is also more easy.
But what you want is the direct conversion of traffic into money. So that's what Bukisa offers to you.

At Bukisa you blog as you usually do. But here you do not have any unique blog address, and neither the blog template/settings are under you control. Every time you add an article, a unique url gets added to your content. And whenever a visitor visits the article, the entry is recorded and you get paid for that entry.
So, now you need not place any ads, and neither you have to make any extra efforts to get clicks on your ads. Simply write the articles and count the visitors. For every 1000 visitors they pay around $3.0 - $4.0
That means if you just have 5 articles in your account, and each article receives 50 visitors per day, then at the end of the month, total visitors you get is 7500. That means $25-30 per month. I hope I haven't exaggerated any of the above numbers :) The great news is that, their minimum payout amount is $10, so even if you are able to get just 20 visitors per day per article, you will be qualified to get a payment in that month.
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moonheart on August 11, 2009 at 4:43 PM said...

Nice blog, Well how bukisha help for earn money?

Chandan Saud

Anonymous said...

It will for sure I have tried it ...

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