Thursday, August 6, 2009

Donkeymails Review - Best Paid To Complete Offers Site Ever

DonkeyMails is one of the older paid to complete programs. The program itself has been around since 2005 and offers several different ways for users to earn money.

DonkeyMails Earnings :

As mentioned above, DonkeyMails offers users several options to earning money. Paid to click ads is one method, this method works just like any paid to click site, you click pre-defined likes, view the site for a pre-set amount of time which is counted by a timer in the top left corner of the screen, when the view is complete you will receive credit for your view. Some ad views offered as paid to click can pay up to $0.05 or more.

Additionally DonkeyMails offers paid to sign up and complete, the majority of these offers are free to complete, you will be paid anywhere from $0.10 to $5.00+ per offer. DonkeyMails also offers a paid to review program in which users are required to complete a simple review, upon completion you will be paid for your brief review of the specified sites listed. DonkeyMails also pays members to promote their site, play games and offers a few different types of raffle systems where users can collect winnings.

Referral Earning :

As a member of DonkeyMails you will receive referral commissions 5 levels deep. Level 1 is 5%, level 2 is 4%, level 3 is 3%, level 4 is 2%, level 5 is 1%. You’re required to be at least 10% active to receive your referral commissions.

DonkeyMails Site Performance/Design :

The site is a little crowded but it doesn’t seem to affect performance much if any at all. Everything is easy to find and navigate. I have not found any bugs within the site itself.

DonkeyMails Support :

DonkeyMails offers user support by email.

DonkeyMails Payments :

Payments are made within 10 days of request. Users must earn a minimum of $1 for PayPal and AlertPay requests and $0.01 for LibertyReserve requests.

Whats Next :

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