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Newest Blogger Templates (2)

Business blogger templates are not easily found but thanks to Klodian for converting this template created by Template Mo we now have another corporate template for blogspot the Solution blogger theme!
Solution Blogger Template
The Solution Blogger Template though not as powerful as the original version that comes with a three column footer easily passes off as a professional looking corporate theme.

The header image is what perhaps gives the theme its entire feel, the template starts off with the blog title on the top left with the description below it. Under that is the navigation bar with a nice set of on select and hover tabs. Then is the header image and below that you have the main column and single sidebar on the right hand side.

Unfortunately there is nothing unique about the post area etc, its quite similar to any other template with the author, date, labels and comment count found just below the green headline. The light blue links kind of bring some life to this template along with the headline color.

Its a relatively simple template with a business angle to it!

Download the Solution Blogger Theme

Beauty Blog Template is another incredibly designed theme by Templates Novo Blogger. The 4 column template has a neat layout and is ideal for a beauty, lifestyle, fashion and people blog. Beauty Blog Blogger Template
I really liked the colour scheme of Beauty Blog template, shades of pink, blue and white blend well to give it a pretty look. The header has an image on the right, which can be customised if you know bit of Photoshop, below that is a horizontal menu to display your sections. You can add your blog sections from Layout-Page Elements and click on edit link list.

The summary of each posts automatically appears on the home page with thumbnails of the images used. This way you can display 8 posts on the home page in pink and blue boxes. The sidebar too has something like a featured posts section or popular posts where only the images display and you can add captions, title and the destination URL.

Below that comes a search box integrated in the template, and that can be followed by widgets of your choice or a sidebar ad.

Download the Beauty Blog Blogger Template

Originally designed by Template Lite, Wooden Fence is a 3 column blogger template converted to this platform by Falcon Hive. Wooden Fence Blogger Theme
As the name goes, the main background of this template is a wooden fence with a colorful nature design in the header. The header image looks quite cool, it has photos hanging on a clothing line against the blue skies, next to it on the right you have to add your blog title and description.

Each post appears in a box that is nailed on the fence, that gives it a neat effect. The date stamp and author appears below the headline, while the labels and comments come at the end of the post. The sidebar has a search box stuck to the fence and then the column splits into two to help you add the rest of the blogger features.
Wooden Fence is suited for a personal blog, daily ramblings etc.

Download the Wooden Fence Blogger Theme

Smoky template has been converted to blogger by Free Blogger Template and originally designed by Skinpress. Smoky Blogger Theme
The 2 column theme has an interesting layout. The header is narrow so there is just about enough space to fit your blog title, and at bottom right of it is the search box. Now comes the interesting part, Smoky template has a featured posts in the form of a numbered slider. So on clicking the number, the corresponding slide or featured post shows up, where you can add post headline, few lines of the post and an image. Each slider also comes with the 'read more' link at the bottom.

To add content for featured posts, go to Edit HTML, search for the code below and change the links.

<div id='board_body'>
<h2>Featured Posts</h2>
<div id='board_carusel'>
<div class='belt'>
<div class='board_item'>
<!-- board_item -->
<p><img alt='IMG ALT' src='IMAGE URL'/><strong><a href='YOUR POST URL'></a></strong> YOUR POST SUMMARY...</p>

<p class='more'><a href='YOUR POST URL'>Readmore</a></p>
<!-- /board_item -->

Adjacent to that is the twitter icon to link your twitter profile. Then comes the navigation bar to browse through the sections on your blog, this bar also has a dropdown menu to add sub-categories.

The main column has the regular layout. The post headline and below that is the labels, time stamp and a speak out icon. Each post has the Read more feature integrated that gives a neat look to the blog. The sidebar has got the subscribe option on top and then ad space to place sponsorship links etc. Then you can add any blogger widgets of your choice.

Download the Smoky Blogger Theme

BCute is a good looking two column blogger template made by Skinpress for wordpress and converted to blogger by Deluxe templates.
BCute Blogger Template
Its not very often that you come across a two column template that looks good and has functional features, this is exactly what the BCute template has to offer. It starts off with an artistic header with the title and description on the left. The top right has the RSS feed icon and below that is a menu bar to navigate through your blog.

The header also has a big twitter display, where your visitors can see your last tweet, the right hand side of this section features a search bar.

The rest of the template is simple, the post section on the left and the sidebar on the right. The author, date, labels and comments are displayed just under the headline and there is a thin line to separate one post from the next. There's a little arrow icon on the right hand side links of the sidebar.

If you like the BCute template you can have it!

Download the BCute Blogger Template

Photografia Blogger Template is a photographer's delight. Created by Templates Novo Blogger, Photografia would by far be the best theme I have seen on blogger for a photography blog.
photografia, the photo blogger template
This 2 column template is different then the conventional photo blog designs. It has lot more features that allows you to display your best photographs, write about it and even create your portfolio page. The home page has a mirrored menu bar consisting five boxes, which are fixed since its part of the background. Even if you don't have links to put in the five boxes, it will stay. For instance you can add page links like 'Home', 'About', 'Contact', 'Subscribe' and 'Portfolio' from Layout-Page Elements.

Below that is the slide show to exhibit your photos, you can upload images on photo-sharing sites, preferably 750x500, and click on Edit Html to place the image url. Search for this code -

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<div id='s3slider'>
<ul id='s3sliderContent'>
<li class='s3sliderImage'>
<img src=' put url of the image here'/>
<span> text-to-be-displayed </ span>
</ li>

The single column on the left side is customisable to suit your requirements, you can add any of the blogger gadgets available. Since the home page has a fixed height it would be better to put one or two widgets in the sidebar, because the more you add it tends to look untidy.

You can also display thumbnail images which expand when clicked, so the reader clicks on a thumbnail and gets to see the larger version of the image without having to leave the current page. For this you can activate the lightbox feature, by placing the following code in your internal page.

<a href=" url of image "rel="lightbox"> <img border="0" src=" url of image" style="height: 110px; width: 110px;" /> </ a>

photografia, photo blogger templateYou can create a 'Portfolio' page and add the above code to display thumbnail images. The images appear on black background that goes perfectly well with any picture. Photografia Blogger Template would definitely be our choice when we start our photo blog.

Download Photografia, the Photo Blogger Template

I am a fan of Jinsona, I think Web 2 Feel has some of the best free templates available from wordpress. Thanks to Cahaya Biru so many of these templates have been made available for Blogspot. Today we have the Daily Planet blogger template in two versions for blogger!
Daily Planet A
There are a few differences between the two templates lets take a look at these first. The Daily Planet A is a direct conversion from the wordpress theme. This means it comes complete with mini posts on the home page with auto read more. While B is a simpler version that does not have the read more and has full posts on the home page.

Apart from this both these templates come complete with all the features of a premium template. It starts off with a header that you can easily change, under that is a navigation menu. Then the featured post section, the stories from this spot are also displayed in the sidebar.

Under the posts section is a tabbed widget that allows you to showcase quite a bit of content. This section ends with a division of the main column into three sections. While the sidebar also has a tab section under the search bar which is placed after the featured posts.
Daily Planet B
The sidebar then splits up into two columns, making this an extremely functional magazine style design for your blogspot blog.

Installation Instructions: (Taken from Cahaya)


This is HTML Structure of menu

<li><a href='YOUR-MENU-LINK-LOCATION' title='View Files Under MENU-TITLE'>MENU-TITLE</a></li>

Change the word:
  • YOUR-MENU-LINK-LOCATION with your menu link.
  • MENU-TITLE with your menu title. Example: About, Contact, or etc.

If you want to add more menu link. just copy-paste the structure above under the previous.


This is the HTML Structure Of POST LINK in Daily planet.

<div class="panel">
<img width="100" alt="" src="YOUR-IMAGE-HERE" height="60"/>
<div class="fcats"><a href="YOUR-POST-CATEGORY-LINK-LOCATION" rel="category" title="LABEL-TITLE">LABEL-TITLE</a> </div>
<h2><a href="YOUR-POST-LINK-LOCATION" title="POST-TITLE">POST-TITLE</a></h2>
<div class="auth"> Posted by AUTHOR</div>
<div class="fmeta">

<a href="YOUR-POST-LINK-LOCATION#comments" title="Comments On POST-TITLE">ADD COMMENTS</a></div>


Change the word :

* YOUR-POST-LINK-LOCATION with your post link location.
* POST-TITLE with your post title.
* YOUR-IMAGE-HERE with your image. The size is 100px width and 60px height.
* AUTHOR with your name.

Here is The example code that you can use.

<div class="panel">
<img width="100" alt="" src="" height="60"/>
<div class="fcats"><a href="#" rel="category" title="View all posts in Featured">Featured</a> </div>
<h2><a href="#" title="Batman is back">Batman is back</a></h2>
<div class="auth"> Posted by jinsona </div>
<div class="fmeta">

Nov-20-2007 |
<a href="#" title="Comment on Batman is back">ADD COMMENTS</a></div>


<div class="panel">
<img width="100" alt="" src="" height="60"/>
<div class="fcats"><a href="#" rel="category" title="View all posts in Featured">Featured</a>, <a href="#" rel="category" title="View all posts in Uncategory">Uncategory</a> </div>
<h2><a href="#" title="Post with links">Post with links</a></h2>
<div class="auth"> Posted by jinsona </div>
<div class="fmeta">

Nov-18-2007 |
<a href="#" title="Comment on Post with links">ADD COMMENTS</a></div>


<div class="panel">
<img width="100" alt="" src="" height="60"/>
<div class="fcats"><a href="#" rel="category" title="View all posts in Featured">Featured</a> </div>
<h2><a href="#" title="An ordered list">An ordered list</a></h2>
<div class="auth"> Posted by jinsona </div>
<div class="fmeta">

Nov-18-2007 |
<a href="#" title="Comment on An ordered list">ADD COMMENTS</a></div>

Here is the HTML Structure of Daily Planet Featured Content

<h2><a href="YOUR-POST-LINK-LOCATION" title="POST-TITLE">POST-TITLE</a></h2>

<div class="fentry">

<p> <a href="IMAGE-LINK-LOCATION"><img alt="" width="240" src="IMAGE-LINK-LOCATION" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-28" height="150" /></a>


<div class="clear"></div>
<div class="featmeta">

<span class="cats"> Posted under <a href=" YOUR-CATEGORY-LINK-LOCATION" rel="category" title="CATEGORY-TITLE">CATEGORY-TITLE</a> </span>

<span class="rm"><a href="YOUR-POST-LINK-LOCATION" title="Batman is back">Read More</a> </span>


Please, change the words:

  • YOUR-POST-LINK-LOCATION with your post link
  • POST-TITLE with the title of your post
  • IMAGE-LINK-LOCATION with your image location
  • YOUR-CATEGORY-LINK-LOCATION with the category of your post
  • CATEGORY-TITLE with the title of post category
  • YOUR TEASER TEXT with your post short texts, description, or short paragraph.

Here is the example that you can try in your daily planet template.

<h2><a href="" title="Batman is back">Batman is back</a></h2>

<div class="fentry">

<p>L<a href=""><img alt="" width="240" src="" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-28" height="150" title="batmans"/></a>orem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Quisque sed felis. Aliquam sit amet felis. Mauris semper, velit semper laoreet dictum, quam diam dictum urna, nec placerat elit nisl in quam. Etiam augue pede, molestie eget, rhoncus at, convallis ut, eros. Aliquam pharetra. Nulla in tellus eget odio sagittis blandit. Maecenas at nisl. Nullam lorem mi, eleifend a, fringilla vel, semper at, ligula. Mauris eu wisi. Ut ante dui, aliquet nec, congue non, accumsan sit amet, lectus. Mauris et mauris. Duis sed massa id mauris pretium venenatis. Suspendisse cursus velit vel ligula. Mauris elit. Donec neque. Phasellus nec sapien quis pede facilisis suscipit. Aenean quis risus sit amet eros volutpat ullamcorper. Ut a mi. Etiam nulla. Mauris interdum.</p>
<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Quisque sed felis. Aliquam sit amet felis. Mauris semper, velit semper laoreet dictum, quam diam dictum urna, nec placerat elit nisl in quam. Etiam augue pede, molestie eget, rhoncus at, convallis ut, eros. Aliquam pharetra. Nulla in tellus eget odio sagittis blandit. Maecenas at nisl. Nullam lorem mi, eleifend a, fringilla vel, semper at, ligula. Mauris eu wisi. Ut ante dui, aliquet nec, congue non, accumsan sit amet, lectus. Mauris et mauris. Duis sed massa id mauris pretium venenatis. Suspendisse cursus velit vel ligula. Mauris elit. Donec neque. Phasellus nec sapien quis pede facilisis suscipit. Aenean quis risus sit amet eros volutpat ullamcorper. Ut a mi. Etiam nulla. Mauris interdum.</p>
<div class="clear"></div>
<div class="featmeta">

<span class="cats"> Posted under <a href="#" rel="category" title="View all posts in Featured">Featured</a> </span>

<span class="rm"><a href="#" title="Batman is back">Read More</a> </span>


Download the Daily Planet A Blogger Skin

The Magasin Uno Blogger Template was created by Padd IT Solutions and converted to blogger by Alvaris.
Magasin Uno Blogger Template
Around a year ago there was a severe shortage of themes for blogger, at that time finding a magazine template was rare. But now with increasing number of porters and developers there seems to be enough of choice to satisfy any professional blogger.

The Magasin Uno template adds to the collection of powerful functional themes for blogspot. This template starts off with a section for Google adsense link units right on top. Under that on the left we have the blog title while the right holds a leaderboard advertisement.

Under that is a cross column navigation bar that has a search bar integrated into it on the right hand side. Just below the navigation is a featured slide show o0n the left hand side while the right hand side holds the sidebar.

The main column is divided into two sections that holds mini posts along with a thumbnail image with the read more function. The sidebar starts off with a feed icon, then comes the twitter updates. Under that are 125 x 125 ad boxes and the ability for you to add widgets.

Download the Magasin Uno Blogger Template

Red Light blogger theme is an original wordpress theme of Template Lite and converted by Blogger Styles. If you liked the Green Light template then this one is much more sparky. Red Light blogger template
Red Light has a flashy and artistic header which makes the blog title and description stand out, while the menu bar is placed above the header. The 3 column template has two sidebars positioned on the left and the right side.

The main column has a white background and a big date stamp next to the post headline, while the labels, comments are at the bottom of the post.

You can fit in your widgets and categories in the two sidebars. The right column has a nice RSS icon embedded in the design, followed by a small search box. Then you can place your blog roll, labels or an interactive widget as well in the right hand column.

Download the Red Light blogger theme

Template Marco is a neatly designed black and white template originally created by Templates Novo Blogger. Marco Blogger Template
Its a 2 column template that looks quite appealing in spite of being simple. Tha greyish black background is also the header colour where your blog title and description will come on the left. While one of the two navigation bar is on top right of the header, that can be used for your main links like Home, About etc.

The second navigation bar is on a grey strip with the search box on the right. Then starts the main column on a white background, and each post comes in a white box with the date stamp and headline on top, and author, labels and comments below it.

The second column also follows the same style, each feature comes in a black box and grey heading space. The subscribe feature appears on top, which is followed by the rest of your blog content. What more, this 2 column template also has footer space, in case you need more of it. There are 3 separate widget boxes at the bottom of the template.

If you like this theme, then you can Download the Marco Blogger Template

The Zimag Series for Blogger gets another addition with Cahaya's Monezine Template. Monezine was designed by Jinsona for wordpress and now its ready for your blogger blog!
Zinmag Monezine Template
The Monezine templates starts off with a thin strip before the blog title that hols the post and comments RSS icon and a search bar on the far right. Below that is space for the blog title as well as a big leaderboard advertisement on its right. Then we have two drop down menus that enable you to categorize your blog very well.

The speciality of monezine is that it enables you to monetize your blog, the featured content slider in this blog allows you to insert a leaderboard advertisement on each of these slides.

After that starts the main column, the best part about this template is that you do not need to put code for the readmore as its automatically done by the template. Under the headline we have the posted by author stamp and the date with complimenting icons.

Where the mini post on the home page ends there is a thin seperator line with the read more link with an icon on the right and a comment count on the left with a speech bubble icon. The sidebar is multicolumn, a single column that branches off into two, with a three column tab widget built into it along with ad boxes.
Zinmag Monezine Template Footer
The beauty of this template flows to the footer as well with some beautiful icons for the headings for the About, Recent Comments and Recent Posts section.

Download the Zinmag Monezine Template

Magazine templates always fascinate me, today's template makes me filled with joy, a premium magazine template built for blogger and not ported from wordpress like the Zinmag series. The Bmagazine premium blogger template has been built by a fellow countryman Nitesh Kothari.
Bmagazine premium blogger template
Its a difficult template to describe and by far the most feature rich template that I have come across for blogger. Nitesh has done a massive job, he also uses this template for his own website.

A small section above the blog title makes way for a date display, a single line to update your visitor list, a RSS subscribe for comments and post, a neat bunch of Home, About, Contact etc links with nice icons.

Next comes the blog title with space for a big leader board advertisement to fit in there on the right. We then come to a multi level drop down, possible to have category - sub category - sub sub category - sub sub sub category, although it does take a little while to load.

The next section is divided into three columns, a popular post widget with a rss link again, an about me section with a lovely hover on image effect, the third one is a subscribe to this blog section.

Under this in the main column you have two more sections where you can add widgets and then the posts start complete with a read more function, though theres no link leading to the full post forcing users to click on the headline, which some may not know.

The social bookmark icons are integrated at the top rather than the bottom, though there is a neat comments icon. Under the headline is the author and post stamp at the bottom of the mini post are the labels.

The sidebar starts off with three ad boxes, has a single column section and then splits into two unequal sections. Then we come to the footer once again is feature rich.
Bmagazine premium template footer
A three column footer for the bmagazine template, but what makes it unique is the follow me twitter icon and the up and down scroll bar on the left hand side. This makes this one of the most impressive templates we have come across till date! Kudos to Nikhil!

Download the Bmagazine Premium Blogger Template

Revolution Church is a magazine style wordpress theme designed by Brian Gardner and ported to blogger by Bloganol. Revolution Church Blogger Skin
This black and white, 3 column template has a professional layout consisting dual drop down menus both with sub-categories. So Revolution theme is perfect if you have many sections on your blog. The template has a day and date widget displayed on top left which changes automatically, and on its right is subscribe to posts and comments icon. Below that is the header with a banner ad integrated.

One of the menu bars have the inbuilt site-search engine, which can be customised to google search. The main column has a white background for the posts, and the author, labels, time and comments appear below the headline.

Revolution Church also comes with an ad spot between two posts and there are two more spots for advertising in the sidebar, this template is optimized for advertising. The two columns in the sidebar can be used for other widgets, where the header appears in a black box.

Revolution Church is a popular wordpress theme, and for blogger, although its modified, can be used if you write on varied topics.

Download the Revolution Church Blogger Skin

Aku Boonto template is the latest creation of a new designer in the blogging scenario called Boonto. The few templates made by him are quite interesting and creative. Aku Boonto blogger template This 3 column template has a background image of black and grey stripes. The header has narrow space to fit in the blog title and description, while on the right side of the header you can your latest twitter update. Many of the newer templates have the twitter feature incorporated in them. Below this is the menu bar for the categories and a search box.

The transparent main column has a separate date stamp in a square box, and the comments and labels also appear in a box below the post. The sidebar starts with a tabber and below that is the chat box, which makes the blog more interactive. You can remove it if you don't like the feature, and then the side column splits into two more columns. Footer columns of Aku boonto template Aku Boonto also comes with a 3 column footer where you can add your video, about me, top commentators etc. Its a nice design by Boonto, integrated with lot of features.

Download the Aku Boonto Blogger Theme

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