Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Meta Gadget for Blogger.

Wordpress has a meta widget which can be added in the sidebar. It contains links to login, logout, feed links and the link to Blogger does not have such a gadget. Instead it has the Blogger Navbar which can lead you to nasty blogs.

Here is a Blogger Meta Gadget and a Google Meta Gadget which you can add to the sidebar :

Google Gadget.Blogger Gadget

Since feed links are better shown at the top of the blog I have omitted them from above gadgets which are placed at the bottom of the sidebar.........

The Blogger Meta Gadget.

To add the Blogger Meta Gadget to your sidebar click the button below :

The Google Meta Gadget


Gadgets powered by Google

Click this link to open the Customize Gadget page. Copy the code after customization and paste in a Html gadget in your blog.

Add to Google

Click above button to add "BLOGGER META" to your iGoogle page.

You need not worry that someone will click on the Login links to login to your blog. That does not happen in Blogger unless you have invited them to be team members of your blog. Besides without your password and user email they cannot login to your blog.

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