Thursday, July 30, 2009

Leveraging easy Affiliate Sales from Blogger

Blogger Affiliate PagesThis is one of my favourite & easiest techniques to use for snatching Affiliate Sales from right under people’s noses. It’s particularly useful because you don’t need to worry about having your own Webhosting set up & it also takes little or no work (other than promotion).

The technique allows you to quickly create a redirect on a Blogspot page straight to your Merchant site.

Advantages of this are:

  1. Easy to Set up
  2. Set & Forget
  3. Only promoting 1 Page
  4. No need to worry about Copy

Firstly you’ll need a Blogger Account

Next you’ll need to find a product to promote. I usually choose something from Clickbank or a Ringtone offer from Azoogle. With clickbank I normally pick something that has a decent payout and a Gravity of around 50 or so, that way it’s not overly saturated but still has a bit of traffic.

Create a new Blogger Blog & name is something related to what you’re promoting:

Now you need to make at least one post to activate the blog, make a random post about whatever you want it doesn’t matter we won’t be showing this when we’re finished.

Now insert this Blogger Template into your template & replace the “Insert Affiliate ID Here” part with the ID of the affiliate program or product you’re promoting.

Publish the blog & visit it. The page is hosted on blogger but it redirects to the merchant site via an Iframe.

Now use something like Bookmarking Demon to promote the hell out of the page using the keywords like “Product Review” & make another :)

To give you an idea of how well this works, I made 20 about 6 weeks ago & I’ve made around $600 in sales since. Easy.

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