Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Importance of Social Media in Affiliate Marketing

Web 2.0 has seen an emergence of a plethora of affiliates and social media websites. With the people understanding the nuances of affiliate marketing programs, the importance of social media is quite a big consideration.


Promoting your affiliate system

The obvious question for affiliates marketers is – how do we promote our affiliate programs to generate more revenue? The answer lays in Social Media circles. Social Media has outgrown almost every possible source of digital advertising and promotion in today’s world. The fact that has helped social media experts is that consumers have turned a blind eye towards traditional forms of advertising.

Social media helps in creating the much required monetizing buzz for the affiliates to be successful. Successful affiliates have been implementing social media strategies from the initial days when the term was not even coined. It is the ability to create a buzz about a new product or a service in the market by a commission generating option that competes for one’s time, money and attention. Affiliates have used social media in its traditional forms such as the news groups, bulletin boards and emails. With the new trends such as PPC, SMO, etc. the chances of generating significant revenues have grown leaps and bounds.

Selecting the correct strategy

The key consideration lies in selecting the right social media strategy to boost your affiliate websites. It is thus advisable to select and implement the right strategy which sounds more significant to your work instead of playing trial and error with everything that can be implemented. Affiliates should thus focus more on the trusted channels of social media such as blogging, social bookmarking and social networks. The outreach can be extended to locating the niche audience in forums, communities, facebook pages and groups, etc.

Few reasons why affiliates should use social media for promotion include;

  • The monopoly of merchants and their restrictions to discontinue using certain sites and advertising channels compels one to look for social media to do the job in a better and cheaper way.
  • With a plethora of affiliates in the same competitive arena which focus more on the traditional means, it is always a smart option to choose social media as it brings in an added freshness in the approach.
  • Google is playing the spoil-sport by introducing PPC and SEO squeezes which has various restrictions and are not in the interest of affiliate marketing community. Social media herein comes handy and acts as an answer to the strict laws and regulations being laid down by Google.
  • The traditional methods have started sounding suspecting because of its monotonous nature. Consumers always look out for something new and Social Media has the potential to deliver and come up to the customer’s expectations. Today people spend a lo of time on Facebook, Twitter and other similar networks. Tapping them at places where they love to be would fetch better results.
  • Social media is dirt cheap to dirty your hands with. With time, one can learn the basics of the game. The simplicity of social media measures such as blogging, tweeting and creating fan pages allows you to get get going within minutes.
  • Social media doesn’t need you to be a journalist or a big shot in the internet space. Efficient practices can help you do wonders with your affiliate programmes.

Innovation is the key in social media strategies. If the innovation is right and it strikes the right chord, the affiliate rewards are more than one’s expectations.

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