Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to Lose Your Subscribers

As a blogger, keeping up with the subscriber count is one’s great desire. Good traffic, large number of RSS and email subscribers and a lower bounce rate is what a pro-blogger needs to run a great show. But, there are instances wherein blogs begin to lose their subscribers for some reason or the other.


Bloggers: Are your subscribers moving away?

Today, we take on a few reasons to give you an understanding on how does a blog lose its subscribers willingly or unwillingly;

  • Many bloggers lose their subscribers because of the Feedburner widget they install on their blog. There have been many reasons of losing your subscribers with Feedburner, the main being false plug-ins and unsupported upgradations. Cases such as that of Tom Raftery are actually hard to explain, but the end result is the loss of subscribers.
  • There have been instances when a site has been sold a number of times in a very short duration. That is, the ownership of a site has changed. Putting up a sigh on the site such as “For Sale” results in the loss of reader’s confidence. Consequently, the subscribers tend to lessen making a famous blog into an infamous one.
  • Irregular schedule of posting. Subscribers always have a particular expectation in mind about the number of posts in a day or week. Playing with this frequency results in loss of subscribers.
  • If the content that gets published on your site is old, plagiarized and shabby, it does not take much time to lose subscribers.
  • Falsifying facts and figures to gain false popularity is another way of breaking people’s trust for what you write.
  • Writing about topics which are no where close to what your site is all about often confuses subscribers. For example, if an affiliate marketing site starts writing about women health and beauty, it won’t make sense to subscribers resulting in a loss of numbers.
  • If you provide content to subscribers which they don’t value, chances are that you would soon lose your credibility and the subscribers too. Remember, greatest bloggers write content which is of value to readers and thus the word of mouth spreads. Content is the king!
  • Putting up a feed which focuses too much on advertisements makes your regular subscribers lose interest, unless you’re blog is all about rocket science!
  • Writing about topics or people which is not in the true spirit of blogging makes a dent in the number of your subscribers. For example, a true blogger is one who is able to publicize or promote his blog by not calling others’ work bad. One shall follow the Internet etiquettes.

The web is full of thousands of reasons for losing your subscribers but these are a few largely observed reasons.

Dear Bloggers and webmaster, remember that it does not take much time to lose your subscribers. Put in some sincere efforts to keep the number of subscribers of your site increasing day by day and try not losing them. Keep blogging!

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