Saturday, July 18, 2009

How To Get Instant Traffic For Your Blog

Getting instant traffic for blog is not as hard as some people may think. By applying some clever techniques we can gain some good traffic for our blogs in no time. Some of these techniques are very easy to implement, while others requires some preparation before applying them effectively, Let us see how to take our share of pie from the traffic explosion on Internet.

Comment On Popular Blogs of Similar Niche

This is the most effective way to get instant traffic for your blog. Suppose you own a tech blog, and you are among the top 5 commentators on well known blogs in your niche, rest assured that you will get good traffic from there. Readers have the tendency to click on commentator's hotlink to know more about them. But having said that, one must keep in mind the correct way of implementing this method. Following things must be followed while commenting on high traffic popular blogs.

1. The blog should be of similar niche.
2. Give a useful and constructive comment.
3. Subscribe to 'Follow-up comments' and actively take it further.
4. Keep unique identity and use your Gravatar profile wherever possible.
5. Learn the art of taking criticism in positive way.

Engage in Discussion with Big Guns On Social Media Sites

Create and build up decent profiles on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Initiate a discussion with a popular blogger in similar niche. You can start by replying his public comment or tweet. Or can straight away ask some question. As soon as you get the response, try to build up the flow and exchange messages as long as you can. Your friends, communities and networks on social media site will notice this discussion, as large number of people will be following the big gun. The effect of this discussion will be that people will notice you exchanging views with the popular blogger, and they will try to know more about you, giving you the required traffic along with a little recognition.

Initiate Constructive Thread on High Traffic Forum

This is yet another excellent technique to get instant traffic for your blog. Sign up on various high traffic forums of similar niche. If you are a new forum user, it will take some time to get accustomed with forum etiquette, else you can start straightaway. Identify popular threads and jump into the bandwagon. You can also initiate your own thread with some hot topic. Remember, if you managed to create a popular thread on high traffic forums like Digital Point Forum, you will get tons of traffic for long time to come.

Use Social Bookmarking Tools

Build a network on Digg, StumbleUpon and similar sites, and use your network to bookmark and promote your blog posts. Digg and StumbleUpon are known to send huge traffic, once the post gets enough votes from the community. Make sure you do not misuse it and take care of usage guidelines; otherwise your blog may be banned on these sites.


And last but not the least is an advertising option. If you have the required budget and if you are desperate for instant traffic, you can sign up for some good CPC campaigns on poplar advertising networks like Google Adwords.

Over To You

We can clearly see, that the first three methods require patience and time. I have often noticed that some of my fellow bloggers are not ready to invest time in these 3 methods, and still want traffic and popularity. Do you use these methods in diverting traffic flow to your blog? What other techniques you often use to achieve the same?
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