Sunday, July 26, 2009

Be Carefull With Link Exchange Scammers

Someweeks ago, I got scammed by someone. He leave a message in my shoutmix chatt widget and ask me to do link exchange with his blog that have PR4. And like a dumb boy, I accept it offer. But after three day, I check the domain PR again. It seems a little strange because the domain age is still 1 month and 5 days old. In my opinion, it is impossible to get PR4 just in 1 month. Normaly, we will get PR1 or PR2 after 2 or 3 month we launch a blogs or website. I know that we need many backlink to increase pagerank and blog traffic. But, I really hate people who use fake pagerank just to get backlink and increase blog traffic. Now, I will share some tips that maybe useful to prevent link exchanges scammers.

Check PR Validity

Before do link exchange, make sure that you check the PR validity by using different tools. You can use checkpagerank, prchecker, mypagerank, digpagerank, and checkpageranking to check it. I recommended you to use at least three of that tools because sometimes one of them says the fake result.

Get More Info About The Domain

You just need to go to google and type "info:domain" in the search bar. If the result is the domain URL you type before, then the PR on that domain is valid. But, if a different URL appear as a result, it's means that the PR is fake. The page rank is from that site. This method is even more reliable.

Check The Google Cache

To do this step, go to google and type "cache:domain". If a different domain is cached, the PR is probably not real.

Use Your Common Sense

There are many website that provide free tools to check valid pagerank. But I think the best way to check is by using your common sense. If a 1 month old domain has a valid PR 4 or PR5 then something must be wrong. Make sure that you also check the amount of backlinks to justify the PR of that domain.

We all know that there are many scammers who try to faking other people. Usually their target is a newbie who still fresh in blogging world. So, be careful when do link exchanges guys...
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