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Affiliate Programs Suitable for Bloggers

There’re so many affiliate programs on the internet. Allowing you to make more money than any other advertisement techniques you can find on the internet. There’re some affiliate programs that can be useful specially to the bloggers and they are able to use them on their own blogs. I’ll list some of them in this article.

Affiliate Programs come in a many different niches, so, you’ll probably find the most effective affiliate program with these networks. You should take note to choose and pick up the related affiliate programs, related to your blog niche. You need to do that only for one reason – to attract your visitors to click on them!

Affiliate Program for your Blog

Through, affiliate programs don’t usually pay you for every click – like on the other PPC advertisement networks. They’ll pay you mostly for the every lead or sale you provide through your unique link. And that’s why you should place the related programs on your blog – to attract your visitors to click on them and to improve overall chance to make a sale or a lead through your links.

I personally like the affiliate programs, mostly because they would provide you the many advertisement types and techniques (depending on the program). So, you can choose and use anything you want with your site easily. Most affiliate programs allows you to use some alternative ways of advertising.

They may provide you the unique links and ad types by type or promotion. Allowing you to use some advanced links, flash elements, lead forms, own coupon codes, discounts through your blog and much much more.

Affiliate Programs Suitable for Bloggers

Below, I’ll list some of the most quality affiliate programs that you can use on your blog.

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Affiliate program is one of the oldest affiliate programs on the internet. Allowing you to put product links, banners and widgets to your blog and make money from them. Like many similar affiliate networks, you’ll earn commission each time someone purchase something from your own affiliate link. Read more…

Amazon Associates - Affiliate program from Amazon

Amazon Affiliate program is definitely one of the best for the bloggers, because it allows you to place an unique widgets to your blog sidebar and contents. By that, getting more potential clicks and leads from them.

Azoogle Ads

It’s a special affiliate program network, operating and advertising since 2000 and today it’s one of the largest affiliate networks on the internet. With large amount of advertisers it will be very easy to find the most appropriate advertisers related to your blog niche. Works with the commissions and leads too. Read more…

Azoogle Ads - Professional Affiliate Network

I specially like this affiliate program because it has a very simple, but yet very intuitive advertising model. Allowing you to find the advertisers quickly and easy. Good thing is that you don’t even need to ask for an approval for the selected advertiser – all of them are available for you.

PepperJam Network

PepperJam Network is one of the relatively new services on the internet. Providing you unique and effective advertising model where you can gather more and more leads and sales through your own links. Allowing you to use some alternative ways of advertising which are not the standard. Read More…

Pepperjam Network - Affiliate programs with unique features

I like here the opportunity where you can easily place an contextual advertisements – composed from your approved advertisers and displayed dynamically on your blog. Very useful and good feature indeed.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction (aka. CJ) is one of the largest and most popular affiliate networks on the internet. Owned by the ValueClick and has a huge amount of available advertisers. Supports many advertisement types and payment models and allowing you to use multiple currencies on your account. Read More…

Commission Junction - The most popular affiliate marketing place on the net

I like Commission Junction because they have a very large amount of the advertisers, including the largest names in the industry like Yahoo, and much much more. I also think that CJ is more suitable for the well-trafficked blogs and sites, so if you have a low traffic don’t use it yet.

Of course, the high-trafficked blogs and websites should get the most out of this advertisement technique. Affiliate programs are more effective on high-traffic blogs. For the affiliate networks you need to have a lot more clicks compared to the regular contextual advertisement networks to make some money.

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