Wednesday, July 15, 2009

9 Revenue Sharing Sites to Make Money

After a long pause on my blog, I have found some great revenue sharing sites to share with you. Do you still remember my previous post about revenue sharing site? If you have forgotten what is Revenue Sharing site, you could refresh your mind about it here.

In this post, I am going to share 9 Revenue Sharing sites with you so that you can rack in more money and earn more passive income online. When we have more source of income online, we are having higher chances of making more passive income.

So, it would not be a bad idea to look through the Top 9 Revenue Sharing sites in the later part of this post.

1. Hubpages:
Hubpages is a sites where you can place your AdSense Ads and make money using your articles. Hubpages has a great amount of users and your articles can easily get views and clicks. So, you could make money from it quite easily.

2. Flixya:
Flixya is a site that works like a social site. You can upload photos, share videos, write blog and invite friends to make money. If you like to hang around in social sites, Flixya might suit you to make money.

3. Xomba:
Xomba is a free community where you can share ideas, comments, write posts, make friends and make money. The site is giving 50/50 AdSense advertising revenues to users.

4. Helium:
Helium is a great site for enthusiast as well as professional authors. Helium has articles writing contest where users can submit articles in the contest to win money. If you do not join contets, you can still make money according to page views of your articles.

5. Oondi:
Oondi is a place for writers to publish their works. As a writer, you do not need to worry about creating websites stuff, just concentrate on your work and make money from Oondi. Writers get 100% of the advertising profits.

6. BloggerParty:
BlogggerParty is a new idea for blogging. You need to have an AdSense Account. All you need to do is to create your blog with them and they will drive traffic to your blog. This way your AdSense Ads will be clicked and you earn money. They give 50/50 revenue sharing.

7. WritingCampus:
Basically, WritingCampus works almost the same way as Blogger Party.

8. 5050Articles:
5050Articles are using their own AdSense account. All you have to do is to write articles and submit to their site. When your articles help them make AdSense income, you get 50% of the income as revenue.

9. Triond:
Triond is a unique site. Using Triond, you get paid 50% of their sites total income. You get paid according to the number of views generated by your articles on their site.

The 9 Revenue Sharing sites mentioned above are only some that I can find online. I am sure there are a lot more out there. Some of the sites are giving very good passive income for the author. So, it would not be a bad thing to try them out.

It is normally not easy to make money from our blog. So, if your blog does not get visitors or traffic to help you make money, you could try to write articles and submit to Revenue Sharing sites. It might be a great way for you to start making money online.
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