Saturday, July 18, 2009

8 Ways To Promote Your Blog On Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. It has millions of members with a large user base of professionals, readers, bloggers, intellects and casual readers. Recently, facebook has revamped its interface and provides immense opportunities to promote your online business. There are several techniques to promote your blog or website on facebook.

Make Your Profile Visible

Facebook user privacy settings

Make sure you do not restrict your facebook profile from getting indexed in search engines. Update the privacy settings and make it open for everyone, including the whole facebook community.

Add Blog Info To Profile

Facebook profile basic information

Needless to say, adding your blog information to your facebook profile is one of the most important settings in your profile. Add your blog URL to your basic information section and make it visible to all.

Use 3rd Party Apps

Facebook profile basic information

There are tons of 3rd party applications for facebook that can be easily integrated with your profile. You can browse the categorized application catalog and can use the selective applications that can promote and highlight your blog. Most famous are RSS aggregators and social media services mash up applications.

Publish RSS Feeds

Facebook profile basic information

Use RSS feed aggregator applications like Simplaris Blogcast and Blog RSS Feed Reader to publish your blog feed in your facebook profile. Customize it according to your needs and integrate it with your profile page.

Join Relevant Groups

Facebook profile basic information

This is one more method to give more exposure to your blog. Browse through various groups on facebook and take membership of those groups that provide promotion of blogs, social networking and social media marketing services to members.

Make a Facebook Page

Facebook profile basic information

Facebook page is an excellent strategy to promote your online business. With page application you can create a dedicated page for your blog and fill it with tons of added sections. People can subscribe and become fan of your facebook page, and can take part in polls, discussions, forum posting, photo uploading and tagging and much more.

Advertise On Facebook

Facebook profile basic information

Running a PPC campaign on facebook is one more option to give good exposure to your blog. You can get low cost advertising solutions with ad customization and filtering targeted readers for your ad.

Socialize and Network

And last but not the least, create a strong network of friends and keep your profile updated. Spend time in sharing and posting things on your wall, and interact with communities.
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