Wednesday, July 15, 2009

19 How Show Adsense Adds In Middle Of Blogger Posts

How To Show Adsense Adds In Between Of Blogger Posts,yup its right,you can now show adsense adds between the blogger posts.Just what you have to do is to select at which posrion of the middle of the post you want adsense adds to be shown up and adsense add will be shown up itself.No need to add the adsense codes manually in between the posts.

You can also add adsense codes at the start of blogger post and end of blogger post,for this trick you can continue to this post.

Now how to add adsense adds in between the blogger posts.

Got To Blogger Layout > Edit Html > Expand Widgets > Press Ctrl + F and seach For Below code


After getting this code replace it with below codes.

<div expr:id='"aim1" +'></div>

<div style="clear:both; margin:10px 0">

<!-- Your AdSense code here -->


<div expr:id='"aim2" +'>



<script type="text/javascript">

var obj0=document.getElementById("aim1<>");

var obj1=document.getElementById("aim2<>");

var s=obj1.innerHTML;

var\x3C!-- adsense --\x3E/igm);

if(r>0) {obj0.innerHTML=s.substr(0,r);obj1.innerHTML=s.substr(r+16);}


Please add your adsense add code in place of red line in above code.

And save your template.

Now whenever you write a new blogger post and when you reach in middle of the post where you want to show up adsense adds just add below code there

and continue writing the rest post.

Now when you will publish your post you will see adsense adds in between posts at the place where you placed the above line.

For any problem can visit here for original post.
I hope you will love this for sure.
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